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Sound Vapour

Sound Vapour


Sound Vapour is a rhythm stacking game. You vaporise the shapes in time with the music and prevent the shapes stacking too high. If the shapes stack higher than the red line you lose.

Sound Vapour was developed in four weeks with a team of 3 people (2 designers and a programmer). I was acting as the solo programmer on the project and I was in charge of the majority of the game play programming. This was my first time working with audio spectrum data. The most challenging part of this project was working with the audio data to spawn shapes in time of the music. The shapes spawn from different peaks of frequencies in the audio. We ended up with a script that can control the different frequency ranges for the shapes to spawn and thresholds for the peaks of the frequencies. This was useful for the designers to customise the spawns on each song. 

Software and Tools Used

Visual Studio 2017
Photoshop CC
Sourcetree and Github
Google Drive

Main Responsibilities

Audio spectrum data management
General and Audio Programming
Maintaining coding, documentation and source control standards


You can download and play Sound Vapour at the page HERE. Note, the game requires a controller to play. If you would like to see some examples of my work on this project please contact me through this CONTACT form.