Games Developer | Programmer


University capstone project demonstrating a broad range of my programming skills and my first attempt at project management



Remembrance was a group project consisting of a team of six people and was my capstone project during my studies at SAE Institute. The development time was three months of part time pre production and another three months of part time development.

My main role on the project was as project manager which consisted of managing project scope, managing team communications, delegating tasks, marketing and most other management tasks. I was also a general programmer on the project where I worked on a lot of the interaction system and interactable objects of the game.

Remembrance has gained a large amount of attention with over 3000 downloads between our and game jolt releases. Several YouTube lets plays of remembrance have been uploaded and it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community.

Main Responsibilities

Project planning and management
Graphics and general programming
Maintaining coding, documentation and source control standards


Software and Tools Used

Visual Studio 2017
Google Drive
Source Tree

You can download and play 'Remembrance' at the page HERE

Unfortunately the projects repository is private but if you wish to view some examples of my work for this project, please get in contact using the CONTACT ME page and I will provide you with them.