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The use of multi-threading to increase the performance of a ray tracer. The ray tracer was provided and the program was written in C++. The program displays the render time at the top of the window. My implementation of multi-threading decreased the render time by 32 seconds.

I wrote a blog about my implementation HERE.
You can download the project HERE.


Spatial Partitioning


A demo of spatial partitioning used on a program that renders 100 circles on a black background and logs the render time at the end. In the images above you can see the before and after my implementation of spatial partitioning. The original demo was provided and it was created in Unity.

You can download the demo HERE.


Pixelated Screen Shader


Test 'Pixelated' screen shader and some other shader tests. The shader was created in Unity and it was written in Unitys HLSL varient. The shader ping pongs in intensity controlling pixelation and the transparency of a noise texture. The screen also has a red and green gradient across it. 

You can download the test project HERE.


AI Flocking


A simple AI Flocking demo made in Unity. Uses cohesion, separation and alignment techniques for the boids. The demo can run up to 1000 boids and still run smoothly and the end results creates this swarm like behaviour that looks similar to a flock of birds or a swarm of insects.

You can download the files for this demo HERE




I created this serialisation tool for 'Drink Mix'. It's a program that retrieves data from a google spread sheet and saves it to a .csv file that is read in the game. The original reason for this was to make it easier for the game designers to modify the games variables (drink types, recipes and pour amounts). I wanted to expand on the program so it would run on the games startup. This would allow us to update the values in the spread sheet to update all distributed builds instead of having to put out a new build each time.